The Start Stop Continue Workshop

  Do you ever really “arrive” in your business life? Once you do, does that mean you can turn off the juice and just coast? It really doesn’t work that way, does it. Instead, what I have experienced and learned while running my business is, you never arrive. One of the most important “cues” for [...]

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The Smartplan360™ Platform

  As you lead your organization, you will look for new ways of doing things, and you’ll consider the experiences you’ve had and what you’ve learned that made a positive impact. Running my own firm has taught me many valuable life lessons, both professional and personal, which has provided me with the context to formulate [...]

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Rethinking For A Change Workshops

  To make a lasting positive change starts with wanting to make change happen in the first place. Change is very interesting and challenging because when you think about it, it often makes people have to vote for or against something or someone. This can be incredibly hard to do.  The insights we need to [...]

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To rethink or not rethink, that is the dilemma!

Deciding to rethink what you eat to lose weight is a fairly straight-forward process. It might be challenging if you really like certain ‘food groups’ — and you know which ones I’m talking about — but determining which ones to continue or stop eating is fairly easy. However, when it comes to your business strategy [...]

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Rethink, Pivot or Paralysis

  No one in business today has escaped the dramatic impact of COVID-19.  For most companies, the current atmosphere has changed how they conduct their business, and for those who provide goods and services to travel, entertainment, hospitality and many more have had to adapt and change direction. How you manage change will determine your [...]

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