Brand Packaging: By now everyone knows who Absolut Vodka is and what kind of products the company offers. Around the world, the brand is recognized as an innovative and enjoyable product. Through literally hundreds of advertisements that have run in hundreds of publications and media channels the brand has built up a consistency that places it in the top 1% of brand awareness and recall among all leading brands. Because we have seen such a consistent look and feel in the context of the Absolut identity the brand instantly communicates to us high quality and high touch feelings that are nearly impossible to calculate in terms of value.

Brand Relevance: The completeness of a brand’s identity can be calculated by evaluating the consistency of its packaging and messaging throughout all of the elements of the entire branding system. This integration of design and message separates Absolut from absolutely every one of its competitors in this space. The primary key is that each ad is different and yet part of a bigger campaign idea that has been evolving and progressing for years. All brand owners and marketers alike should take notice of these simple yet powerful branding tools: High creative concept coupled with multiple executions over an extended period of time. With them any brand can be built regardless if they are just starting out or being reengineered. This approach to marketing and branding is far more effective than the common notion that changing your ad campaign every year or so is a good idea. Big brands know better.