…is because they take so long to grow.

The United States has cut down 90% of its redwoods, which is an amazing percentage given how large and old they grow. Many would say it is very unfortunate. If you ever visit the redwood forests in California where they grow you will be utterly amazed…they are simply awesome and beautiful.

Growing redwoods takes a long, long time. According to Will Russell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at San Jose State University in the Department of Environmental studies, “Redwood trees grow until they die. Even the older redwoods, which exceed 2,200 years, are still growing. However, once they get to be a few hundred years old, their growth slows down significantly and most of the growth is in radial expansion of the trunk.”

Brands are like this too, because they tend to grow fast in the beginning but once they are established it’s difficult to keep their growth going. Few do. “Just keep on plugging, don’t give up” is a tough sell. Printing companies face the same problems.

The most effective way to preserve one of our national treasures is to visit them and share your passion with your family, friends and key contacts. I can influence a person’s feelings about redwoods by explaining why they’re so important. The reason? I can make them feel as though they were there and soon they begin to pickup my concerns for redwoods as well. Then the hope is that they will spread the word too. The difficult part is to get someone’s attention and deliver a persuasive story.

Why not setup a live cam in your pressroom during business hours? Or demonstrate what it takes to change plates on your press in a pre-recorded video?

If you are in charge of promoting a brand, you have the opportunity to create real live moments for your customers, for your employees and for your key constituents. After all, a brand is the most enduring aspect of your company other than your corporate name.