Communications has sped everything up exponentially. What used to take days now takes seconds. This is both good and bad for printing, packaging and converting companies. First the good.

A prospective customer sees something on your website that really catches their attention. It’s what they’ve been looking for over the past several months. Using your website this prospect requests information about one of your services and you receive a pre-qualification of what they are looking for. You confirm using email and send them a marketing package that is customized to their individual requests. You also setup a Webinar to ‘meet’ them and review their needs in detail while explaining your service with greater relevance. And you trade contact information during the Webinar for a follow-up meeting.

How long did this take? If you’re electronic media is setup properly, one day.

So what could be bad about any of this? Well, many printing companies are not setup to accommodate this kind of business communications. This is costing them business! And anyone running a business today hates to lose because they’re not prepared. Here are some simple steps to making sure you are both print and web ready for sales marketing today:

1.) Identify the top three to five things your best prospects want from you.

2.) Develop a strong and interesting creative concept that presents your services in the best possible way. Be different and don’t copy ideas you’ve seen before.

3.) Make sure both your print and website design starts from the same strategy and has the same design look and feel.

4.) Make everything easy to find and use.

5.) Provide E-Solutions throughout your website that makes downloading information fast.

These simple branding principles will build your company’s identity and ward off your prospects going across the street to your competition.